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Immigration, education and employment in Australia and New Zealand.
Individual consultations and realistic assessment of chances for a successful outcome.

We thoroughly assess each case and advise which immigration pathway will be the fastest and most effective for our client.

Many agencies take a template approach, meaning that they fail to recognise individual circumstances and often miss opportunities and overlook alternatives for a successful immigration outcome.

Achange Consultancy’s success rate is very high. Our clients trust us and we enjoy multiple referrals from both individual and corporate clients.

We thoroughly evaluate each case and advise which immigration pathway will be the fastest and most effective for our client.

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I want to get or continue education in Australia

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I am a skilled worker and want to live and work in Australia

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I want to move to Australia to be with my partner

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We monitor the latest news and
changes in the Immigration Law daily
We offer
Payment plans
We always meet even
the Closest Deadlines
We provide clear, concise and
easy-to-follow instructions

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We work on your case, provide clear advice and instructions and help you prepare all necessary documentation as requested by the Department of Home Affairs.

We provide all necessary templates and check lists, make
corrections and keep track of deadlines.

Nadiia Zdelnik

Nadiia Zdielnik

MBA (KNTEU) Grad Dip in Migration Law and Practice (Griffith University) MAcc Charles Sturt University. Australian Registered Migration Agent 1569520 and New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser 201800814 (provisional).

Having successfully completed her own immigration journey, the Founder of Achange
Consultancy, Nadiia Zdielnik has firsthand experience going through this tortuous and highly sensitive process.

Her personal success and ambitious character have lead her to embracing the Australian convoluted system of the immigration law and starting her own immigration agency with
a goal to help more migrants like her to fulfill their Australian dream.

Nadiia is a quick-thinker with unconventional problem-solving skills. She understands
all nuances of the immigration process and is able to cater to her clients unique needs, ensuring stress-free experience and positive outcome for all. Nadiia is also fluent in Russian and Ukrainian.

Nadiia actively participates in various forums, professional networks and other initiatives, ensuring that the immigration advice provided by Achange Consultancy is always accurate and up-to-date.

Enter your occupation, and we will check whether it is
in the the current list of eligible skilled occupations.

What Our Clients Say


I’m really happy with Nadiia and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. Another important aspect - cost. While some Australian agents are charging crazy amounts and deliver mediocre service, Achange Consultancy is reasonably priced and offers highly professional service.

Maria & Alex

I would like to say a huge that you to Nadiia and her team! With your help, we have received a positive Skills Assessment (Accountant) and in a really short period of time too, Wishing you all the best and many more happy clients!


I started working with Achange Consultancy about a year ago. I needed to get visa for my husband with whom I lived in Russia at that time. Even though I have Australian citizenship myself, the process of getting visa for my husband was very difficult, and information available online was rather convoluted. I contacted Nadiia late at night. And by the following morning we have already spoken and signed an agreement. Naddia was great! She explained the process in really simple terms, guided me at every step and helped prepare all required documentation and support letters - all while being on the other side of the world!

My husband had visa granted within 11 months, while usually this process takes a year. We are really happy and can't thank Nadiia enough! I recommend her to all my friends who need immigration help.


Our Process

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Free Video or Audio consultation.
Achange work step
We analyse your case based on the information provided
Achange work step
We suggest you an immigration plan
Achange work step
We sign a service agreement
Granted visa You are granted visa

We work on your case, provide clear advice and instructions and help you prepare all necessary documentation as requested by the Department of Home Affairs. We provide all necessary templates and check lists, make corrections and keep track of deadlines.

Are you looking for a student visa? Difficult to choose the right college or сourse for you?
We connect international students with institutions in Australia and New Zealand at lower prices than booking with schools directly
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Our prices are lower
Schools provide discounts
of up to 30% to our students.
No commissions or additional fees
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Visa assistance and consultations
We provide visa assistance
and offer a free initial
personal consultation
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Hundreds of education providers
You do not need to go anywhere
or call to book a course.
You can book it all online
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Refundable deposit
Deposit is returned
in case of visa refusal
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Are you an international student who have recently graduated with IT, Accounting or Engineering Degree from an Australian University?
Are you looking to improve your chances of successful employment?
And do you want to increase your chances of
getting permanent residence?
Achieve all of the above by completing a Professional Year Program through Achange Consultancy!
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How to write
an impactful motivational
letter for a student visa?

Иммиграция в Австралию – ЗАЧЕМ?

Многие мечтают о том,  чтобы уехать куда-нибудь заграницу и начать жизнь с чистого листа в надежде, что здесь у них точно все сложится. Ко мне обращаются разные люди, … Read more »

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Зарплаты программистов в Австралии за 2016 или Show me the Money

Зарплаты программистов в  Австралии за 2016 или Show me the Money В списке востребованных специальностей Австралии есть несколько специальностей IT сектора, такие как: ICT business Analyst Systems Analyst… Read more »

More information

Temporary Work Visa (482) is an ideal solution if you have a job offer in Australia, but you are currently located overseas, or you are in Australia on a temporary visa that has work restrictions (for example, a student visa).

This visa allows you to accept a job offer from an Australian employer and commence working for them full-time on a permanent basis.

We are more than happy to discuss your situation: we will determine whether your employer can sponsor you and whether you meet all necessary requirements for obtaining this visa.

For those who would like to start or buy a business in Australia and wish to apply for a Business Visa, we already have a proven scenario.

We will help you obtain a suitable temporary business visa which can be issued for up to 4 years and 3 months and leads directly to a permanent business visa.

In most cases, you can apply for a permanent visa two years after receiving your temporary visa, subject to conditions.

Temporary Work Visa (482)

AUD 2,300 – if your employer is already an approved sponsor (Standard Business Sponsorship).

AUD 4,950 – if your employer is currently not an approved sponsor (Standard Business Sponsorship).

Professional Immigration (subclass 189, 190 and 489 visas)

International skilled workers, whose occupation is currently included in one of the eligible skilled occupatons lists, can apply for an Australian visa through Skill Select. This program allows you to move to Australia and live and work here on a temporary and/or permanent basis.

Applicants must meet a number of requirements, such as eligible occupation, age, qualifications, work experience and language proficiency.

Prospective Marriage (300)

This visa is designed for couples who are not yet married, but are planning to get married within the next nine months from the date the visa was issued. It is important to note that you can’t be in Australia when you apply for this visa.

Once your visa is granted, you can freely enter Australia to marry your partner and start studying or working.

After marriage, you can apply for a partner visa.

AUD 3,000 – Partner Visa
AUD 2,750 – Prospective Marriage Visa

Partner Visas (309, 820)

These visas are suitable for applicants who are already married to or are in a de facto relationship with a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, as well as with a special category of New Zealand citizens.

Initially, these visas are issued on a temporary basis.

Provided that the couple stays together for at least two years, a permanent visa is granted. In some cases, a permanent visa may be granted immediately.

Student Visa (500)

In recent decades, Australia has become one of the leaders in providing international education. 8 Australian universities are among the top 100 in the world. In the ranking of National Higher Education System, Australia is ahead of Germany, the Netherlands and Japan.

If you are looking to study in Australia, you will need a student visa. This visa will also give you the right to work on a part-time basis.

Why Us?

Many agencies suggest educational institutions based on commission. They don’t care about your needs and push what is profitable for them. At Achange Consultancy, we always recommend programs, based on your wants and needs, making the whole process of getting a degree a lot more engaging and pleasant.

Often, agents advise courses based on short-term goals where students, after investing a lot of time and money, end up having to leave the country due to an incorrectly chosen program from immigration point of view. At Achange Consultancy, we focus on long-term prospects and carefully craft immigration programs for our clients, so that they are placed in the best possible position for their future immigration needs.

A lot of agencies don’t know whether a particular course or an institution meet their client’s requirements. Our team consists of former Australian students, and we know the system inside-out. We understand what students need and can recommend a program or a university based on our personal experience.

Our Services

If you decide to apply for a visa yourself, but have questions about the process, we can provide you with a 1.5 hour consultation during which we will answer all of your questions. This consultation costs AUD 200. Included in this fee is FREE enrollment in the educational institution of your choice.

For a stress-free experience, where we will take care of every step of the process – from preparing all the required documents to lodging your visa application – we charge AUD 1,200.